Food and Drink Prices

During a recent trip to London I was shocked to find that in every establishment I visited beer and food was cheaper than in our local pubs. For example, locally, 1 pint of lager + 1 pint of lemonade (2 pints of shandy) costs £9.20. Are we being ripped off? Does this help explain why we keep losing pubs?


The Anchor

What is going on with The Anchor Public House? Isn’t this a Greene King pub? Haven’t they just made a shed load of money selling off most of the garden to build houses? So why is a Crowdfunding site now needed to refurbish it?

Metal detecting

Retired Newmarket man with interest in local history seeks suitable land to detect on.
Maybe once a week, all finds declared/shared, all excavations reinstated and rubbish removed.

References available.

Please ring 01638-611174.


Burwell Book Appeal

I am currently working on a new book about Burwell covering the period from the end of the last War to the present day and would be very interested if you have any photos relating to the following:

Street Parties/Hall Events: VE Day, Queen’s Coronation, Queen’s Jubilees…
Schools: School buildings, Class photos, members of staff, prizegivings, sports days, VIP visitors…
Work: Work mates, bosses, buildings, presentations, dinners, outings…
Recreation: Sports team pictures, trophy presentations, cubs, scouts, brownies, guides, parks, riverside…
Church: Clergy, Special events, weddings…
Shops: Interior/exterior views, shop assistants, customers…..

If you do have any of the above photographs or some memories of Burwell that I could use in my book, please contact me by ringing 01638 741878, by email to or you are welcome to pop a note with your contact details through my letter box at 74b Silver Street.

Many Thanks and hope to hear from you soon

Land off Newmarket Road – Consultation

See the proposal here :

Email address for comments

Apparently, the proposed site .. “is well located to take advantage of existing public transport connections.”

I have to ask, to what public transport connections do they refer?

Solar Farm

Some basic information on the proposed solar farm can be found here. The company proposing this is LightSource.CO.UK. (No specific information on the proposal is available on their web site at time of writing).

Not quite sure who (locally) would benefit most from this. The land owner I guess.

Sponsor needed for Burwell Darts Team!

We are a local Dart Team that plays in the Cambridgeshire Superleague, we travel all across Cambridgeshire to play. We play our home matches at Burwell Ex-Servicemens Club on Thursday nights during the Winter season. We are in our third season and we have a very good team, in our first season we finished mid-table, and last season we won the league by an incredible 21 points, we are currently 2nd in the league 2 points behind the leaders with a game in hand, so we have a fantastic chance of winning the league once again. Last year as League Champions we went to Rotherham to play in the Champions Cup which involved all Superleague Champions from all over Great Britain, unfortunately we were drawn in a tough group and were narrowly eliminated at the group stage despite defeating the eventual Champions.
Due to the need of all teams to have their players wear the same colour shirts we are looking for sponsorship of some dart shirts for our fantastic team as I feel we deserve it and it would make us look much more like a proper team.
Unfortunately, because of the high cost of league entry fees we just haven’t got the funds to purchase team shirts ourselves.
If you can help us in any way, or pass this information on we would be very grateful.
Thank-you for taking time out to read this.

Neil Avory
Team Manager/Captain

burwelldarts AT