Mobile Signal?

Struggling to get a signal on my mobile this weekend.


2 Responses to Mobile Signal?

  1. Chris Everitt says:

    I logged a fault with everything everywhere about reduced signal in Burwell, I was told that due to”optimisation” work the signal may have been reduced during 2012 and they apologised. They suggested I use UMA on my black berry which uses my WiFi and broadband to get calls to their network.

    I am not impressed. I have a company phone so cannot switch, I think Vodafone might be the best signal in Burwell?

  2. Sally says:

    We’re with 3 and have a Femtocell – so our mobile calls/texts get routed over our WiFi – prior to that we had very poor signal indoors. I think you can get femtocells for most mobile providers.

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