Land off Newmarket Road – Consultation

See the proposal here :

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Apparently, the proposed site .. “is well located to take advantage of existing public transport connections.”

I have to ask, to what public transport connections do they refer?


5 Responses to Land off Newmarket Road – Consultation

  1. Michael Geary says:

    here here !

  2. “Cambridgeshire County Council set to build 350 homes on Burwell farmland- and all will probably be for rental”

    Surprised to see that this development will be 100% rental

  3. Some thoughts on this….

    Cambridge Council seem to be pursuing a gentrification of Cambridge. As funds and social housing are squeezed they need somewhere to house their key workers, the homeless and the disadvantaged, while generating a revenue stream from the rental market. Cambridge is now too expensive and so are they looking to Burwell to provide the new Arbury Estate for Cambridge? I think there is a lot of evidence to suggest that a 350 home estate is not a good idea. Might suit Cambridge nicely but is this in the interests of Burwell residents?

    Or have I got this wrong? “There will be affordable and social housing, with a 100 per cent rented scheme.” Not sure how many of the proposed homes are 100% rental.

  4. Ian Hayes says:

    The future for Burwell is looking bleak

    Just looked at the latest development framework plan. The proposal and plan from Cambridge County Council doesn’t reflect the pushed through signed off local plan. I feel that residents Felsham, Newmarket road and Burwell as a whole has been done to. Next the County Council will find room for a further 200plus rental opportunities on the site using affordable/social rationalism as an excuse. Where are our local councillors fighting for the identity of our village.

  5. Reach Road, Caravan Park Mobile Homes, Newmarket Road, Ness Road, Toyse Lane? Plus all the seemingly endless in-filling going on. How many homes and people and vehicles does this all add up to?

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