Brexit – Impossible To Deliver?

Over 3 years have passed since the referendum and the truth of Brexit is still to be revealed. The Irish border problem effectively means that Brexit, at least as interpreted by the current government and 99% of Leave voters, is unable to be delivered. In fact, the referendum should never have taken place because to deliver Brexit and leave the EU would contradict the Good Friday agreement, one of the few positive accomplishments made by politicians in the last 40 years. The world has changed, how can we expect to rewind the clock 40 odd years?

It seems that the issue of the Irish border has not been properly covered or explained prior to, or since, the referendum.

We are nearly at a point where we leave the EU without a deal, where we would shamefully wash our hands of the Irish problem and hand it to the EU. The level of ignorance on the issue is astonishing. The public and the politicians are now so quick to blame the EU for the situation and for not being flexible but  shouldn’t we have respect for the EU’s concern over the Irish border and their determination to protect the Good Friday agreement and the peace process and shame Johnson, Gove, Lucy Frazer and the rest for not doing the same?

Surely the only way forward is to tell the truth and apologise to the British public for holding a referendum on EU membership when it is evidently not possible to leave while Ireland is in the EU and Northern Ireland is part of the UK.  Isn’t it astonishing how nearly ALL politicians have chosen either to lie or ignore this fundamental issue and continue to display complete ignorance on it?

Instead, we have a government trying to pin the blame for the current situation on the EU, our neighbours and closest friends, and in the process create more division in the UK and hatred of the EU.

The Tory government and MPs need do to the honourable thing, apologise for holding a referendum, beg for forgiveness from the leave voters and if you did support the referendum perhaps consider standing down for making a massive political blunder.

After 3 years working on leaving the EU nobody has demonstrated a viable solution. Doesn’t the evidence speak for itself?

One Response to Brexit – Impossible To Deliver?

  1. If a soft technology-based Northern Ireland border is feasible why hasn’t the government spent the last 3 years constructing it rather than ploughing billions of pounds into preparing for a no deal exit?

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